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Hyper-personalised employee training
for better retention
& mastery.

Meet InGenius, a revolutionary AI-driven learning platform, built for executives and managers to empower their employees on a personal level, and fuel organizational growth.

Proudly working with

Train your unique employees with 
tailor-made learning paths.

Using the power of AI, our next-generation e-learning platform provides your employees with a highly personalized training experience that truly empowers them to excel in their roles.

Imagine a learning experience so personalised...

It feels like it's been designed just for you.

Is your organisation prepared for a revolutionary leap in employee growth and development? 

How it works

InGenius assesses the

employee's optimal learning style 

The employee picks a course

Personalised learning paths are calibrated

Employee starts their course and masters new knowledge


 Our technology brings value to organizations, managers and their employees.


Turn expenditure cost into value centres



Reduce time and resources required for traditional training sessions.



Best-in-class content maps ensure that learning is relevant.



Optimised knowledge acquisition benefits employees and the business, enhancing overall    



Reduce internal pain points and friction



Diverse learning styles and knowledge levels are optimally addressed.


Increased engagement 

Moments of knowledge exchange are crafted to maximise engagement and learning.



Behavioural and in-process tracking for measuring training effectiveness.


You do it your way!


Effortless learning

Seamlessly blending learning into everyday life makes learning less disruptive.

Personalised journey 

Specific to the employee’s needs, knowledge levels, learning style and goals.



Mastery of knowledge empowers employees to thrive in their field of responsibility.

Is your organisation ready to experience the next evolution in employee development?

From a CEO

“The most transformative benefit of implementing InGenius’ next-generation e-learning platform is the seamless integration of learning into our employees’ day-to-day workflow. It dramatically reduces the time and resource needs for traditional training sessions, thereby positively impacting productivity and efficiency.

From a Training Manager

The platform’s capability to customise content and learning experiences according to each person’s unique needs, goals and learning styles is revolutionary. The InGenius e-learning approach will result in a notable increase in engagement, satisfaction and effectiveness of our training programmes.”

From an Employee

“InGenius' courses are personalised to my learning needs and goals, which makes the learning experience highly relevant and engaging. The fact that I can learn at my own pace and in my preferred way assists me tremendously in balancing my priorities.”

Is your organisation ready for a life-changing approach to training for its employees?

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