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Ethics & Compliance are at the core of your organisation's health and reputation.

Find out more below, and dive into the world of hyper-personalised ethics & compliance training for your employees.

Ethics and compliance curriculum

Having gathered deep knowledge and insights from over 20 years of experience in risk, compliance and ethics, we acknowledge the unique challenges and aspirations that organisations and their employees face. This understanding guided our considered decision to prioritise the compliance and ethics training category for our next-generation learning platform.

1 | Ethics

Some of the courses in our ethics library:

  • Code of conduct and ethics

  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

  • Workplace ethics and professionalism

  • Conflicts of interest

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Elevate ethical standards

Equip your team with the acumen to make sound ethical decisions that uphold the integrity and values of your organisation.

2 | Anti-harassment

Some of the courses in our anti-harassment library:

  • Sexual harassment prevention

  • Workplace bullying and harassment

  • Bystander intervention

  • Anti-harassment management skills

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Building a respectful workplace

Through insightful strategies and practical applications, create a workspace where respect
and dignity prevail. Encourage inclusivity and safeguard the well-being of your employees.

3 | Diversity

Some of the courses in our diversity library:

  • Diversity in the workplace

  • Unconscious bias 

  • Cultural competence

  • Inclusive leadership

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Cultivate inclusivity and collaboration

Become a global leader by harnessing the collective potential of a multifaceted workforce that foster effective communication and collaboration in a culturally diverse environment.

4 | HR Compliance

Some of the courses in our human resource library:

  • Employer-employee relationship

  • Child labour

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Employee relations and conflict resolution

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Navigate human resources with confidence

Master the intricacies of human resources and
promote fairness to uphold the highest standards in human resource practices.

5 | Anti-money laundering

Some of the courses in our anti-money laundering library:

  • Recognise and report suspicious activity

  • Customer due diligence 

  • Anti-bribery and corruption

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Fortify financial security

Protect your financial assets and contribute to the global fight against financial crime.  Implement robust protocols that detect, report, and prevent money laundering.

6 | Workplace safety

Some of the courses in our workplace safety library:

  • Risk identification and assessment

  • Occupational safety and health administration

  • Safety Management Systems

  • Specific hazard related programmes

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Ensuring a safer tomorrow

Our workplace safety courses empower your organisation to create safer work environments. Secure productivity and employee satisfaction by making safety a priority.

7 | Workplace health

Some of the courses in our workplace health library:

  • Occupational health stressors

  • Stress management and resilience

  • Work-life balance

  • Sleep hygiene and fatigue management

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Empowering well-being

Invest in your most valuable asset – your employees. Nurture the well-being of your workforce by fostering an environment where health is valued, creating a more engaged,
productive and happy team.

8 | Environmental

Some of the courses in our environmental library:

  • Energy efficiency and conservation

  • Circular economy and resource efficiency

  • Sustainable procurement and supply chains

  • Environmental management systems

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Leading in sustainability

By analysing environmental impacts and developing sustainable practices establish your brand as an eco-conscious leader in your industry.

9 | Quality

Some of the courses in our quality library:

  • Product conformance and customer satisfaction

  • Lean manufacturing

  • Quality management tools and techniques

  • Supplier quality management

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Achieve excellence in quality

Position your brand as synonymous with quality and excellence.  Implement quality management practices that meet or exceed your customer's expectations.

10 | Data protection and privacy

Some of the courses in our data protection library:

  • Data privacy and security fundamentals

  • Privacy by design

  • Third-party and vendor data privacy

  • Data breach prevention and response

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Guardians of data integrity

Secure trust and confidence with vigilant data management to safeguard sensitive data whilst complying with global privacy standards.

Is your organisation ready to experience the InGenius Ethics and Compliance Knowledge Library?

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