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Enhancing moments of learning by solving pain points in employee training.

Each employee is provided with a unique, highly personalised training experience to optimise deep learning.

How it works

InGenius assesses the

employee's optimal learning style 

The employee picks a course

Personalised learning paths are calibrated

Employee starts their course and masters new knowledge


The results of next-level organisational employee training

Time and resource reduction

InGenius reduces the time and resources required for traditional, separate training sessions by seamlessly integrating learning into everyday work and life. Our learner-centric, next-generation e-learning platform enables the efficient delivery of training content through various instructional strategies.

Is your organisation ready for a leading-edge solution to ignite its employee training?

How we help


Focus on learning

The InGenius platform is driven by the principle that technology should enhance, not replace, human-centred learning experiences. It redefines the learning process, enabling optimal knowledge integration.



InGenius recognises that every learner is unique and benefits from a hyper-personalised learning experience to reduce learning time and yield the best learning outcome for the learner. 


A Seamless blend with life

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we make deep-learning accessible and applicable to everyday work and life situations.  


Content maps

InGenius offers curated, best-in-class content maps enhanced by the wisdom of behavioural sciences. Information is designed to maximise engagement and learning, aiding to maintain interest and motivation.


Next-generation e-learning

InGenius offers learner-centric e-learning environment that focuses on optimising knowledge acquisition, integration and retention -  empowering your people to excel in their careers and personal lives.


Crafted to resonate

InGenius designs learning experiences in a way that ensures moments of learning or knowledge exchange are contextual, meaningful and memorable. This approach helps learners grasp and master any topic more effectively.

Is your organisation focussed on enhanced learning solutions for your employees?

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