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For the first time ever, each individual's learning journey will be as unique as they are. 

By merging learning sciences, cognitive neuroscience, data science, and artificial intelligence, we're hyper-personalizing learning,  creating the perfect moment of knowledge exchange for every individual.

We make people learn

Better. Faster. Lighter.

InGenius' platform makes learning better, faster and lighter through hyper-personalization. 

The Current Approach to Learning Is Failing

Traditional, one-size-fits-all learning ignores individual differences

Static, repeated training is counterproductive.

Training that repeats topics that employees have learned before causes a loss of interest,, engagement and motivation.

Rigid, generalized learning ignores unique needs.

A rigid, same-for-all method, learning path, and content do not match each employee's unique way of learning - leading to frustration and poor learning outcomes.

Traditional training interferes with other priorities at work.

Lengthy mandatory learning can interfere with competing priorities, as employees lack flexibility for self-paced, personalized learning.


Our learning platform leverages A.I. to bring hyper-personal learning to your employees, generating value for your business.

Faster Learning

Time to Completion Icon

Reduced time to completion

InGenius' AI platform measures current knowledge, crafting personalized learning paths that accelerate mastery by focusing on gaps. This adaptive approach reduces training durations while ensuring comprehension. Employees balance learning effortlessly, minimizing productivity disruptions. Organizations benefit from substantial cost savings and an agile, ethics-driven workforce.

Snippet 2 of the InGenius mobile platform
Snippet 3 of the InGenius mobile platform

More Effective Learning

Knowledge retention Icon

Heightened knowledge retention

Course Completion Rate Icon

Increased course completion rates

InGenius' adaptive platform enhances learning effectiveness through hyper-personalization. By delivering content tailored to individual needs and preferences, it fosters heightened engagement and motivation. This increased resonance drives improved knowledge retention. Coupled with efficient, focused learning paths, course completion rates soar as learners navigate seamless, captivating experiences.

Learning With Less Friction

Engagement Icon

Improved engagement rates

Adoption Rate Icon

Higher adoption

By putting the learner at the center of the experience, InGenius' AI-driven platform crafts personalized journeys that captivate attention from start to finish. Content dynamically adapts to each individual's learning style and proficiency, sustaining motivation through relevance. This unparalleled engagement translates to elevated adoption rates as employees embrace training tailored to their unique needs.

Snippet of InGenius platform
Snippet 1 of the InGenius mobile platform

Why InGenius

A New Approach, Using Artificial Intelligence to personalize training. 

The mechanics of hyper-personal training by InGenius

Our AI-powered adaptive learning platform revolutionizes training through hyper-personalization. By tailoring journeys to each learner's needs, we foster heightened motivation, accelerated learning, and improved knowledge retention.


This proven approach yields impressive results: reduced time to completion, higher course completion rates, increased engagement, elevated adoption rates – all at a lower cost than traditional training solutions

For business leaders, InGenius enables proactive risk mitigation and safeguards against ethical lapses. HR professionals gain tools to meet diverse learner needs, fostering a healthy and happy workforce that embodies the right organisational values.


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